Knock Rush

Knock Rush

Knock Rush challenges your shooting ability while destroying enemies. You are in a fight against ferocious robots with sticks that can destroy you at any time when you get close to them. Aim your gun at them and destroy them all before they attack you. Complete the levels by returning safely to the finish line. How many challenging levels can you complete?

How To Play

Get ready for your noble mission. Destroy all enemies in front of you by aiming your gun and destroying them. Aim accurately and take them down before they get close. They can attack you with a stick. Rush forward and destroy them all. Don't forget to collect items along the way; they will help you gain special powers to make your destruction easier. In addition, you can customize your weapons to your liking to complete missions better. The higher the level, the more difficult the challenges become as more opponents appear. Can you destroy them all and become the bravest shooter?

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