Just Click The Button

Just Click The Button

Explore a world of frenetic action in Just Click The Button. Simply click, but it will make you addicted for hours. New game modes offer constantly updated challenges. It keeps players engaged and entertained throughout gameplay. Build a smart strategy and skillful controls to conquer all new challenging levels!

How To Play

Practice agility, dexterity, and flexibility when using your mouse every day. Just click! Click on the keys that appear on the screen. However, it's not that simple. Each level offers a challenge with different obstacles. Hot, sharp lava walls... Make the journey more arduous and thrilling than ever. As you progress, the design levels become more and more difficult and challenging. It requires players to be flexible and patient when controlling the mouse to move slowly through obstacles without colliding. Conquer levels and unlock more crazy-clicking challenges.


  • Use the 'R' key: Restart level
  • Using the 'M' key, adjust mute and unmute

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