Guys Arena Crown

Guys Arena Crown

Collect the crowns in Guys Arena Crown fastest to become the winner. The Guys series serves as the inspiration for the game. Immerse yourself in colorful pixel graphics and feel the fun music. Try to become the winner by collecting the most crowns!

How To Play

Get ready for a fun challenge with colorful pixel characters. Your mission is to run and jump on the steps to collect the crown on the helicopter flying in the sky. Calculate each step accurately so you don't fall. Otherwise, you will have to start again. Pay attention to jumping on the spring steps to help you fly higher, and choose the correct time to jump onto the moving platform. Approach the crowns in the sky. To become the ultimate winner, collect them all. Have fun!


The red player moves using the WASD keys. The blue player moves using the arrow keys. Collect all the crowns and win.

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