Super Steve Adventure

Super Steve Adventure

Take Super Steve Adventure outside and into a fantastical realm! Steve must overcome numerous creatures and obstacles, but with the help of collected power-ups, he may dispose of them with relative ease. You'll have to avoid living bombs, scale cliff faces, and adapt to different ecosystems as you progress through the game's levels.

How To Play

Learn the fundamentals of movement and combat by beginning at level one. In order to go through the levels, you must complete each stage. Your only hope of survival is to keep going to the left and jumping from platform to platform while avoiding the cacti. Moving among these poisonous blossoms requires extreme caution. Don't let your attackers assault you without first using your sword to disarm them. You should always look around you and be on the lookout for adversaries when you first enter a stage. Once the balloons and bees have been destroyed, you can proceed with the mission of destroying the enemy mushrooms. If you want to improve your odds of surviving, you should visit the game shop.


  • Very good 2D visuals
  • Arcade music with pixels
  • Secured updates
  • Game-related memorabilia

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