Gun Mayhem Redux

Gun Mayhem Redux

First-person shooter video game, Gun Mayhem Redux. You might employ the arsenal of weapons you have gathered to defend your location. Go as far as you can while putting your abilities to the test against a series of progressively challenging obstacles. Enjoy!

How to play

To learn more about the gameplay and get ready for the game, start with the tutorial. You can defeat your opponents faster if you're constantly looking for new weaponry. Players can number between two and four. Your goal is to use your fearsome fighter to defeat every foe. There is a considerable danger that you will fall if you stand too close to the edge. By selecting one, you have the opportunity to learn how to use 21 different weapons. What will you enjoy the most, and will it be practical to run and shoot at the adversary? Accuracy is not as important as speed and responsiveness. You have access to a variety of deadly weapons that you can use to defeat your enemies and take control of the territory below.


  • A first-person shooting game that allows for several players.
  • To alter your characters, there will be no additional fee.
  • Unlockable weapons in the game.
  • You can choose to play a custom game or a campaign.
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