Grand Bank: Robbery Duel

Grand Bank: Robbery Duel

Grand Bank: Robbery Duel invites you to participate in a duel shooting contest between you and a formidable opponent. Shoot continuously at your opponent with your arms constantly moving. The more accurate your shots, the faster you are to defeat opponents before they destroy you. Monitor the life bar to have a wise shooting strategy. Have fun!

How To Play

Are you ready to show off your ultimate shooting skills? The game takes you into a bank robbery; you are a notorious robber in the city. The game takes you into different contexts, but there is only one goal: point your gun and destroy your opponents before they shoot you. Put aside the idea of using a typical cursor. In its place, you should slowly elevate the character's hand by using the recoil of the weapon. To launch an attack, press the left mouse button. Accurately hit your target by pulling the trigger at the correct moment. Destroy all your opponent's life bars, and you will complete the level. In each level, you will explore different backgrounds, and upon completing each level, you will collect coins. Use them to improve and upgrade your weapons. Complete 20 levels and become the most-feared robber!

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