GP Moto Racing 3

GP Moto Racing 3

Get your bike racing abilities to the next level with GP Moto Racing 3, a professional-level racing game. Regardless of where you place, if you cross the finish line, you'll get a prize. You'll have to beat the professional racers, the difficult tracks, and the pressure of a live audience. When will you be ready to take center stage?

How To Play

The time to pursue a career as a professional biker has arrived. Skills, timing, and reactions are all that matter. Learn to take advantage of the twists and brake at the proper times to stay ahead of the competition and prevent any potential collisions. There's a risk of losing if you stray too far from the pavement. At all costs, you must maintain a steady stance in the center of the track with your motorcycle. Constantly hugging the sidelines can have a dramatic impact on the game. Don't drive on the grass; focus on the minimap in the lower left corner and make expert maneuvers. Change things up by engaging the time assault mode and seeing how you fare against the clock.


  • Superior 3D graphics
  • There are two different modes: one with racing and the other with time trials
  • More difficult difficulty settings
  • Lockable bicycles

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