Get On Toop Touch

Get On Toop Touch
Get ready to play a great game that can be played solo or with a partner but is also very debateable in Get On Toop Touch. You'll watch a struggle to reach the summit of two linked stick figures. To win, you must get on top of your opponent and force him to the ground by hitting him. Challenge your pals to a round of these endless games. Enjoy!

How To Play

It's like a wrestling game, but with more action and difficulty. You can choose to play by yourself or with a friend in the game's multiplayer mode. Avoid having your character ranked last by taking control. When your character is stronger than your opponent's, you win. Use your jumping, pushing, and pulling skills to defeat your rival. Take a swing at taking your opponent down on the ground. Making strategic weight shifts (backward, forward, and up) can help you the most. Don't lie down with your back touching the ground! You will likely come out on the losing end if you pass up this opportunity.


  • To jump and attack a friend, press the "W" button.
  • You can jump and attack by pressing the "N" key.

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