Gear Race 3D

Gear Race 3D

Shift gears at the optimal time to outrace your rivals in Gear Race 3D. Become a champion of the world now. To get an advantage over other drivers, you must carefully time your gear changes. Do you have what it takes to time your shifts perfectly and win each of the 34 levels? Enjoy!

How To Play

It's your goal to win this game and become the best player in the world. Only a computer mouse is required to play this game. You can jump right into the first level by clicking anywhere on the screen. You'll start off the game on your own, but as you progress through the levels, more players will join the fray, making for some intense competition. Gaining speed more quickly than in the other races is essential if you want to win. Shift gears shortly before the red light appears. Don't let your car's engine overheat and blow up because you didn't time a gear shift correctly. Make sure your engine doesn't blow up by upgrading the cooler. Quickly cross the finish line! Best of luck!


  • Full-color 3D visuals
  • The game has 34 stages
  • Enjoyable gameplay Simple interface

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