FNF vs Irresponsible Dad (Happy Wheels)

FNF vs Irresponsible Dad (Happy Wheels)

Don't miss FNF vs Irresponsible Dad (Happy Wheels) if you're a Friday Night Funkin' vs Irresponsible Dad (Happy Wheels) lover! A game based on two famous games that once made many fans crazy. In this game, Boyfriend will have to face a dangerous, thrilling battle with the irresponsible father of the game, Happy Wheels. Participate in dangerous and violent races with your son. Pay attention to dangerous obstacles on the way, and don't miss too many in a row. How far can you go?

How To Play

 Are you prepared to lean in and sing along to "Bottle Run," "Get Bloody," and "Blood Shed"? A Happy Wheels hero visited the FNF realm, where he befriended BF and planned to challenge him to a rhythm battle. Your objective is to outdo the careless dad as much as possible. Put your amazing skills to the test while listening to thrilling music. Squeezing tightly and hitting him with every arrow is essential for victory. When two identical figures touch, you must press the buttons at the correct moment. Keep in mind that making a lot of blunders will almost certainly lead to your downfall. In spite of your frightening foes, don't let that stop you from having fun!

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