Flip Parkour Pro

Flip Parkour Pro

Flip Parkour Pro invites you to take on the acrobatic challenge like a professional athlete. Perform perfect somersaults on the stage platform and tricks like front flips, back flips, and high cliffs. Use and practice your skills to get the highest score. Don't let your friends and fans down.

How To Play

Are you ready for this exciting but difficult challenge? Become an acrobat with your skills honed on a variety of platforms and challenging terrains. Start by performing somersaults on the platform of the stage and upgrading your skills. Unlock other difficult levels on 10 different platforms. Do crazy somersaults and all you like. Pay attention, always land on your feet, and stand firmly on the platforms. Each level will bring a unique challenge with increasing difficulty. Hone your skills and conquer new, difficult levels. Have fun!


As you leap, make sure you're on a raised platform. Get a feel for your movement's spin and speed by practicing backflips from lofty cliffs. Gain access to twelve different, intense levels where you can play your chosen sport. Retain the left mouse button, or press and hold SPACE.

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