Flex Run

Flex Run

Become a flexible athlete in Flex Run. Avoid all the objects in the house with your acrobatic moves. The game tests your agility in each move. The furniture in the house will rush forward faster and faster, requiring flexible and graceful movements. If there is a collision, you will have to start again. Score points and customize your character. Have fun!

How To Play

Are you ready for this interesting and funny challenge? To become a good gymnast, you need to do more exercises to hone your skills. Help the acrobat move left or right to avoid the furniture in the house. Furniture such as chairs, shelves, and cabinets will rush out towards you, so avoid them flexibly. The higher you go, the faster the objects move, requiring your agile control abilities. Don't let any collisions occur, or you'll have to start over from the beginning. Each time you pass successfully, you will score more points. Use those points to customize your character. How many levels can you complete?

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