Escape Run

Escape Run

Assist the hapless Yeti in Escape Run as he tries to evade the prying eyes of the press and the curious public. Furry Mountain Man just wants to be left alone, but it seems like everyone is on the hunt for him. He had no choice but to flee once the others discovered his house. Is there any way you can get him to get as far away from the others as possible?


How To Play

This group of individuals has disrupted the usually tranquil mountain environment. You take control of Yeti as soon as the game begins, and he flees his house. Each and every one of the road's hazards and traps was set there by the hunters themselves. Don't run into any cameras or rocks, and watch where you put your feet to avoid setting off any traps. In the midst of your sprint, stop to pick up as many berries as possible. A variety of game boosters are available for purchase with these. You could encounter a purple rocket in your pursuit. Obtaining this will grant you temporary invulnerability and a massive increase in speed. Where will you run into trouble, and for how long?


  • Bright, realistic 3D images
  • Quite the lovable kook
  • easy-to-use buttons
  • Fun, engaging, and hypnotic gameplay
  • Multiple perks to utilize
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