Drunken Duel 2

Drunken Duel 2

Get ready for a fiery duel in the ring in Drunken Duel 2. Continuing with the first version, which is loved by many fans, the second version has many feature improvements that bring a thrilling fight.. To fight an aggressive opponent, control a drunk stickman. To take him down in the stands, use your accurate burst gun. Mastering your actions and executing an accurate shot is the utmost requirement. Destroy him first and win!

How To Play

  • To win, you must knock your opponent out of the building five times. To complete it, just point and shoot with your character. There are several playable characters and weapon types, and they all have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Players can use characters like warriors and ninjas, as well as weapons like guns and swords, in duels. Like a strategy, you can utilize your gunshots against objects and helicopters to turn them into intermediate weapons.
  • Drunken Duel 2 has a variety of game types and levels. You can face a variety of obstacles in a variety of settings, from traditional duels to wild helicopter fights. The variety of levels, from flat arenas to roofs with multiple stories, makes every match more exciting and unpredictable. Players must not only direct their character's movements but also avoid hazards in the arena, such as falling from rooftops or being knocked off their feet by enemies. To succeed, players need to strike a balance between offensive and defensive tactics. Who can finish all five shots and claim victory?


  • Player 1: "W"
  • Player 2: "UP ARROW KEY"

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