Draw The Bike Bridge

Draw The Bike Bridge

Draw The Bike Bridge invites you to participate in drawing roads for vehicles. Conquer 30 challenging levels of increasingly difficult line-drawing puzzles. Think and draw the optimal path to help the car reach the finish line safely at the blue flagpole. How many challenging levels can you complete?


How To Play

In this puzzle game, your task is to draw a path for the motorbike driver to reach the finish line at the blue flagpole. Initially, the levels are quite easy, but the higher the level you conquer, the more difficult the game will become and require more reasoning. After drawing the road, press the move button on the corner of the screen to get the vehicle to the finish line. When red panels appear, they obstruct your drawing line. You need to build a passable loop to guide the guy's vehicle through. Complete 30 challenging levels of varying difficulty. Have fun!


Swipe to draw bridge

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