Draw 2 Save - Stickman Rescue

Draw 2 Save - Stickman Rescue

In Draw 2 Save - Stickman Rescue, players must save stick figures from the most absurd and ridiculous situations imaginable! Seize a pen, plot a course of action to rescue your character, and then let your abilities take over! By mastering the art of precise ink application, you, too, can challenge the physical laws!

How To Play

You can do anything with a pencil and some ingenuity, as this puzzle challenge shows! In order to protect your character, it is your responsibility as a hero to set boundaries. Guns go off, bad angels toss you into molten rock, or you stumble into live wires; to rescue him, just draw a line. Simply click and drag the screen to draw a line. Never settle on a single shape or pattern; instead, unleash your imagination and make use of every object in the area to aid the stickman. Get creative by attaching platforms to your designs. Cut them in half to form a barrier between the combatants. Keep the victim safe from gunfire, then relax and watch the narrative unfold.


  • A vibrant visual style
  • Expand one's creative and logical capacities
  • Provide entertainment for people from all walks of life
  • Instructive and simple to use
  • Be sure to play some of our other puzzle games if you enjoyed this logic test

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