Doodle Rider

Doodle Rider

Doodle Rider invites you to participate in an extremely exciting driving challenge. Draw a path for your vehicle while controlling it on that path and avoiding obstacle columns of different heights. The difficulty of the game is that you have to simultaneously draw the road and control the car at the same time. Let's get started and see how far you can go!

How To Play

Are you ready to join this exciting driving journey? Your task is to draw a path for the car to go on a platform with many undulating obstacle columns. Pay attention to the height of the front and rear pillars and draw a line connecting them so that the car can pass through without causing any collisions with them. The difficult point of the game is that the platform will run automatically, and you need to draw and control the car at the same time. A suggestion to help you go further is to draw and control the car at the same time. Don't draw the line too quickly because you will not be able to notice the pillar in front that will obstruct your car. Go as far as possible! The game requires players to perform many operations at the same time, requiring agility and a smart playing strategy. Have fun!

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