Cycle Extreme

Cycle Extreme

Join the downhill mountain bike racing competition in Cycle Extreme. You ride a bicycle down from the mountains at breakneck speed. Prepare yourself for an exciting journey. Simply put, this is a wonderful game. This game will take you on an exciting downhill ride with its wonderful 2D visuals and hard gameplay. Are you prepared to face this challenge?

How To Play

Are you into extreme sports? You're in for a journey down the mountain that will test your skills and give you the chills. Your goal is to cross the finish line on each level to unlock the next. You will encounter challenging landscapes, high cliffs, and a wide variety of other difficulties. Put on your biking gear and get ready to take on new adventures. You'll get on a mountain bike and try to coast downhill to the end of the course. You'll encounter several obstacles, such as barrels, wheels, and mountain chasms, on your way to the finish line. Get through the course as fast as you can if you want three stars. Have a good time!


  • Intense and entertaining play
  • Excellent 2D visuals
  • There are quite a few tiers to conquer.
  • Easy-to-use interface

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