Cameraman vs Toilets Puzzle

Cameraman vs Toilets Puzzle

As a new take on the classic puzzle game, Cameraman vs Toilets Puzzle is both entertaining and unique. Imagine yourself as Cameraman's Agent in this peculiar game where your job is to demolish all the toilets using the skulls of rainbow buddies. Showcasing their shooting prowess, gamers must precisely aim to target each toilet bowl while dodging their Nubian companion. Accurately hitting your targets will let you win dozens of exciting and difficult levels!

How To Play

In order to complete the objective of destroying toilets with the heads of rainbow pals, players will need to use their imagination and plan. Be precise in your aim and strike each toilet bowl. Incorporating a sense of excitement and difficulty, the game tests players' timing and accuracy. Players can meet Cameraman, Rainbow Friends, and Nubian Friends, among many others, in this game. The game's character design makes it more interesting and engaging for players to immerse themselves in the world. If players want to succeed, they'll need to use their critical thinking and strategic thinking skills to solve the progressively difficult puzzles. Featuring bright and eye-catching visuals that elevate the player's gaming experience. The beautiful graphics of the game, which range from the heads of rainbow pals to the bowls of toilet paper, will engross players and put them in the game.


  • Dynamic two-dimensional visuals
  • Straightforward interface
  • 35 difficult stages
  • Interesting and captivating gameplay

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