Buddy Blast Physic Puzzle Game

Buddy Blast Physic Puzzle Game

Buddy Blast Physic Puzzle Game tests your puzzle-solving abilities in 70 unique levels. Calculate the exact steps to help the ragdoll get off the screen using the items provided at each level. Make sure you clearly understand the function of each item the game provides. Each level is designed with a different level of complexity, challenging your thinking ability. The higher you go, the more complicated the game becomes. How many levels can you complete?


How To Play

Are you ready for the puzzle challenge in Buddy Blast? Each level is a different challenge with increasingly complex obstacle designs. Your task is to help the ragdoll fall into the lake (the required area). In each level, the ragdoll is suspended from a string dangling in the air on a red object. Note that these red objects can be removed by touching them. Time and jump correctly to help the ragdoll fall to the required area. If the ragdoll falls outside that area, you will have to start the level over again until you pass. Gray objects are static objects and cannot move. The blue object can move but is indestructible. Green objects may bounce. Remembering the function of each object will help the ragdoll complete the level more easily. The higher you go, the difficulty will gradually increase with more obstacles. Prove your skills by completing levels and sharing your results.

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