Bmx Bike Freestyle & Racing

Bmx Bike Freestyle & Racing

Embark on an obstacle cycling journey in Bmx Bike Freestyle & Racing. This game necessitates the use of reflexes, control skills, and heightened concentration while driving. Throughout the journey, you will come across numerous hazardous obstacles that could potentially lead to your demise. React quickly and make a dash in the air to avoid obstacles. How far can you go?

How To Play

It's time to show off your bike handling skills like a professional athlete. Drive the car forward, performing somersaults and flips to avoid obstacles. On the way, you will encounter many different obstacles, such as stairs, cacti, thorns, and other traps. Calculate each jump accurately to avoid collisions. Otherwise, you will have to start your journey again. Conquer new levels with more challenges and obstacles. How many challenging levels can you conquer?


To move and jump, use arrows.

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