Bicycle Simulator

Bicycle Simulator

To show off your BMX biking abilities online, try out Bicycle Simulator. Choose a bike and a stage and start doing acrobatics on the ground and in the air as you race through ramps, large streets, motorways and more. Enjoy!


How To Play

To begin, select a stage and a bike, and then ride them at fast speeds via ramps, large streets, motorways and other obstacles. In this simulation game, you ride a bicycle around the streets of a virtual city. No goals or missions have been set for you. It's as easy as driving around town and performing crazy tricks for onlookers. There are three different maps to explore and two different bikes to ride. Feel free to do any and all leaps, flips, and turns wherever you like on your journey. Pressing those buttons will select between other stunts, including the rabbit jump, manual, and 180-degree turn.
Are you up to the challenge of a high-speed journey?


WASD = ride, Space = jump, N = upside down, M = 180 revolutions

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