2 Player Pomni

2 Player Pomni

Immerse yourself in joyful dances and musical melodies in 2 Player Pomni. You and your friend will transform into two artists, dancing gracefully and full of energy. In the background of cheerful music, you need to control your character to dance energetically to develop and win. Enjoy!


How To Play

Are you ready to step on stage and stir up excitement with exciting tunes? Let's get started and put on colorful performance costumes and dance moves. You and another player control two Pomni characters, who dance continuously with graceful movements. Try to be flexible and make her grow to full size on the red heart bar next to her. Do it before the player next to you wins.


  • Player 1: Use keys A and D.
  • Player 2: use the right and left arrows.

You can further train your toughness and flexibility in QWOP, Noob Parkour 3D. Have fun!

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