Zombie Gunpocalypse 2

Zombie Gunpocalypse 2

Return the Earth to its pre-Zombie state in Zombie Gunpocalypse 2! At that time, it was only a virus. Have fun surviving waves of deadly zombies in this action-adventure game set in a world engulfed in an apocalypse. Take aim, defeat your foes, and rescue the planet! Are you ready to take on the role of a hero?

How To Play

We will witness the end of the world if the living dead keep destroying everything. The goal of this exciting zombie game is to kill every zombie before ammunition runs out. Finish each stage without letting an adversary cross your path. Coins will be earned for each. Gain access to new lethal weapons and playable characters by spending your earnings in the game shop. You start with a fixed supply of ammunition for each level. Make smart use of them by formulating plans. From the very bottom of the screen, you can see how many bullets you have left. A word of advice: detonate the explosives to take out swarms of zombies all at once. Best of luck!


  • 2D, vibrant visuals
  • There are quite a few difficult levels to finish
  • Purchasing and obtaining new weapons and skins in the game store
  • Exciting and captivating gameplay

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