Zeepkist: Crash 2D

Zeepkist: Crash 2D

Get ready to race with breathtaking crashes in Zeepkist: Crash 2D. Perform breathtaking speeds while racing downhill. Unleash Zeepkist with maximum power and make him do the most collisions with maximum damage. Make the most fierce, chaotic collision!

How To Play

It's time to embark on a breathtaking racing journey on beautiful rolling hills. Your mission is to help Zeepkist control the car and perform heart-stopping, breathtaking racing in the air. Control the car left, right, or jump into the air to collide with obstacles in the most chaotic and powerful way. The more injuries and damage, the better. Rush the furthest, with the longest distance. With the money you earn, upgrade your vehicle, accessories, and obstacles to create the most chaos. Also, don't forget to unlock more maps in order to embark on more exciting adventures.

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