Tumble Titan

Tumble Titan

Get ready to overcome a series of obstacles like a trapeze athlete in Tumble Titan. Each level brings different dangerous obstacles; players need to use their beams skillfully to avoid danger. Drop and hold the beam while avoiding hazards like logs, fists, arrows, etc. And land at the finish line. Try to achieve your new records.

How To Play

Are you ready for the challenge of testing your trapeze skills? Your task is to control the beam: drop it or hold it to avoid obstacles. There are many obstacles that you have to face on your beam: blue or red wooden bars. If you touch them, you will fall down and have to start from the beginning. There are also arrows, fists, and countless other obstacles that appear in the next levels. The higher the level, the more difficult the obstacles become. Avoid all obstacles and make sure your character stays safe to the finish line. Don't forget to collect coins to help you get more points to unlock new characters. How many levels can you conquer?

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