Telekinesis Attack

Telekinesis Attack

Telekinesis Attack gives you a magical power where you can control everything. Use magical power through your hands, throw enemies anywhere, launch powerful attacks on enemies, use weapons to attack them, and do whatever you want. Only you have these unique powers; take advantage of them to destroy all evil enemies on the rampage. Show your strength and become the strongest hero in the world.

How To Play

You are ready to become the one with the full power to control the world. All the magical power of telekinesis is in your hands. The world needs a strong hero like you to destroy all the evil enemies that are raging everywhere. Control your magical hands, deliver powerful blows to opponents, punch them, throw them anywhere, throw enemies out windows, onto objects, and destroy them. Use weapons to attack them, and do all you want. You can completely control your power with your thoughts. Quickly attack them and defeat them before they attack you. Take their weapons and become the most powerful hero in the world. All the worlds are ruled by you with the magical power of telekinesis.

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