Stickman vs Noob Hammer

Stickman vs Noob Hammer

Do you feel ready to embark on a unique and difficult adventure in Stickman Vs Noob Hammer? When playing with a friend, you'll have to use a hammer to smash your way through innumerable difficult stages. Join forces, make use of the hammer, and reach your dream!

How To Play

In Stickman vs Noob Hammer, you're in for a hard and novel gaming experience. Playing this entertaining and addictive online game with a friend requires you to utilize the hammer to conquer a number of difficult levels. The goal of each level is to get to the lucky box, but doing so will not be a picnic. There will be many dangers and hurdles for you to conquer, including unstable platforms, challenging jumps, and more. Gather your friends, because you're about to swing a hammer for victory! Find out if you're up to the challenge by giving it a go right now!


  • Player 1: Use "WASD"
  • Player 2: Use "Arrow keys" to play
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