Stick Slasher

Stick Slasher

Become the best fighter and defeat your opponents in Stick Slasher game. Use your sword and shield to attack enemies and destroy them at all costs. Pay attention, because they will suddenly attack you from all directions. Destroy and crush them before they do it to you. Good luck!


How To Play

In this brutal physical encounter, you must wield a sharp, enormous sword and be prepared to leap at the perfect moment to rip your enemies to shreds. Because your sword is so enormous, it's nearly impossible to control it; fortunately, it's also rather difficult to disarm you! On top of that, you'll be able to fend off the many adversaries you encounter thanks to your sturdy shield. You can earn 100 points for every kill, 200 points for every decapitation, and 100 points for every indirect defeat. Can you beat the game's highest score? Relax after a long day and enjoy the bright, basic graphics.

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