Steam Trucker2

Steam Trucker2

Steam Trucker2 is a time-traveling driving game in which you pilot a 19th-century steam-powered delivery truck. Don't take your eyes off the road; don't let the goods fall out of the truck. Keep both hands on the wheel. Can you make it through each stage without getting stuck?


How To Play

The goal of each level is to arrive at the destination while protecting the cargo. You'll face a new set of challenges on each level. To access the levels menu, click here. There are 15 stages in total. These levels get progressively harder, so be wary. The first level is locked behind a paywall, but the others are unlocked as you go through the game. The right and left arrow keys will get you going in the right and left directions, respectively, from the outset. On top of each stage, stars will float in the sky. You can get extra credit if you manage to acquire all five of them. If the cargo is lost, you fail the level.


  • Animated, colorful, and 2D
  • There are 15 distinct stages to beat
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Interesting playtime
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