Snowcross Stunts X3M

Snowcross Stunts X3M

Snowcross Stunts X3M allows you to become a professional snowboarder! Perform heart-stopping, speedy skiing and breathtaking mid-air acrobatics. Conquer all the dangerous racing terrain and steep turns. If you're ready, put on your protective gear and skis and hit this beautiful snow-covered track!

How To Play

It's time to show off your ultimate skiing skills. You're one of the best skiers in the area; don't disappoint. Plunge into the white-snow roads, control the skis, and try to keep your balance. As you rush from one mountain to another, accelerate forward and perform high acrobatics. Pay attention ahead and avoid dangerous obstacles such as explosives and life-threatening traps. To avoid overturning, be cautious and keep the right speed when landing from above. Don't forget to collect coins along the way. It can be used to upgrade new character interfaces with other special features and powers. Make your journey more intriguing and exciting. Have fun!

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