Slice Masters

Slice Masters

Become a knife master in Slice Masters. In this game, you will be equipped with a sharp and flexible knife. Use it to cut all the items while avoiding obstacles. Control the knife by flipping or flying precisely. Cut as many objects as possible. No obstacle can make it difficult for you. Complete all the increasingly difficult levels!

How To Play

You have to make it through each level while slicing as many objects as you can without hitting any of the obstacles. You take control of the knife and use it to slice and flip through various obstacles. With new kinds of things, new speeds, and new barriers to conquer, every level is a new challenge. Using the jump button, you must slice through as many obstacles as you can. But watch out for the pink spikes—they'll lower your score if you strike them. The spikes are dangerous. As you move through the game, you'll encounter increasingly challenging groups of pink spikes along your path. Avoid hitting them by timing your flips correctly. There is a big pillar at the end of every level that has different goals for you to complete. Carefully aim your knife at the targets to score bonus points.

The game's objects

  • Perfectly slicing these delicious fruits and veggies will earn you bonus points.
  • Geometric forms: Slice triangles, squares, and other shapes to see how accurate you are. Every shape presents a different challenge.
  • Dangers: Watch out for bombs, shields, and anything else that could impede your advancement. Keep them from being liable for everything.
  • Benefits: Raise your score and get access to new blades by collecting coins, stars, and power-ups.

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