Save The Guy

Save The Guy

In Save the Guy, you must rescue the protagonist while navigating numerous perilous obstacles. Help him solve puzzles by tapping on in-game objects and leading him to the door. Use your knowledge of game physics to solve each challenge. Enjoy!


How To Play

A person is dangling from a doorknob by what looks like a telephone chord in this survival puzzle game. In this survival puzzle game, when the player presses the button, the rope snaps open, flipping the character over. The guy will complete the level by running to the exit when he jumps down from the rope. However, completing all twenty rounds of the top survival puzzle game won't be simple. In later levels, the hanging man will have thrones or stones placed on him, making it impossible to hurl him over them. It's game over if it happens. You need to make sure the guy has a soft landing. When it comes to money, how much can you spare the guy?

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