RPS Exclusive

RPS Exclusive

RPS Exclusive invites you to a popular classic game: rock, paper, scissors! Undoubtedly, everyone has played this addictive game during their childhood. And until now, the game has been a popular choice for many people. With simple yet attractive gameplay, it keeps you playing for hours. Now is the time to invite your friends in and play a game of rock, paper, scissors. Will you win?

How To Play

We assume everyone is aware of the goal of this game, which is fairly basic. Still, I see no harm in going over the ground rules with you again. To win, you must eliminate your opponent's last life point and win every round. This is how it works: you take a rock, scissors, or paper shape in your palm and try to guess which one your opponent has picked. A rock can crush scissors, which in turn can cut paper, which can cover rocks. A combination of skill and luck is required to succeed in this game. I say we play right now to find out who comes out on top. Okay, so you went with scissors. No way! The rock game was your opponent's choice. Oh my! Oh no! Stay calm and keep going until you deplete your life point total. Embrace the experience!


  • Possible two-player mode
  • Good times were had by all. Simple to use
  • Impressive 2D visuals


Using the A, S, and D keys allows you to control Player 1. If you're playing as the second player, you can move around using the arrow keys.

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