Red and Blue Stickman 2

Red and Blue Stickman 2

Embark on an adventure to explore a forest temple filled with mysteries in Red and Blue Stickman 2. Control two characters to overcome obstacles, then collect coins and keys to unlock the escape door. Each level has a complex design with different obstacles. Help two characters escape or complete the mission to rescue their teammates. How many levels can you complete?

How To Play

Your mission at each level requires you to escape from the dark temple. Control two characters at the same time, paying attention to each person's unique characteristics. The red boy must avoid the water, and the blue girl must avoid the fire (you will see signs indicating each character's prohibited areas). Avoid any mistakes or carelessness that could lead to the loss of either of your characters. network.  Otherwise, the game will end. Control each character to collect coins and keys to open the escape door at the end of each Remember to gather items that enhance your power, such as a magnet that can draw coins from a distance. ances. In addition, you can use coins to change skins and upgrade your character.

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