Ragdoll Thief: Bank Escape

Ragdoll Thief: Bank Escape

Find a way to free the ragdoll thief from the bank in the scenarios in Ragdoll Thief: Bank Escape. A fun, quirky physics-driven game that uses the physics of magnets to move through space. Help the ragdoll thief move with the bag of stolen money to escape in each level. How many levels can you complete?

How To Play

The ragdoll character is plotting to carry out notorious bank robberies. However, the bank design is quite complicated with many doors, pedestals and a number of traps and obstacles blocking your way. Carefully study the design of each room to calculate a clever path to help you escape here quickly and safely with your stolen money. Using the magnetism of magnets helps the stickman fly in the air. Moving to the lever unlocks some doors to help you get closer to the exit door circle. The physics-based gameplay makes it challenging and fun, addictive for hours. Have fun!


Use the mouse.

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