Ragdoll Super Fun Banana

Ragdoll Super Fun Banana

Start an exciting journey with the character in Ragdoll Super Fun Banana. Your goal is to skate throughout the map while observing other characters fly out of various collisions because of the superb physics. Do anything your heart desires-climb the walls, ride a banana, etc. Accept the silliness and immerse yourself in the fun-filled environment of bananas.

How To Play

You'll be in charge of a happy puppet boy in this game. Please find him some bananas, he asks. Furthermore, the fruit is not simple for the hero to obtain; rather, it requires the hero to conquer numerous challenges in order to obtain it. For the boy's accomplishment in overcoming the following challenge, there will be more surprises in store besides bananas. Since the puppets are not well controlled, it is not that simple. There will be new reasons to laugh and smile around every corner and in every difficult circumstance. That is where the fun and adventure of bananas reach new heights. At Ragdoll Super Fun Banana, you'll need to exercise patience to get the hero to behave as you've planned.

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