Pogo Peggy

Pogo Peggy

Get ready for an exciting and humorous adventure in Pogo Peggy. A pogo stick game that tests your agility with every jump. Be aware that the ground under you will collapse at any moment. Navigate the character to jump left or right on the ground, avoiding unexpected holes and crows. How far can you go?

How To Play

With each of Peggy's dance moves, immerse yourself in fun music. Help the guy move left or right on the ground, avoiding the wormhole that suddenly appears. Collect coins, and avoid mischievous black crows that cause you to lose your balance when you touch them. Crows will fly high and always lurk to touch you, causing you trouble. Avoid them if you don't want to fall. The gameplay is quite simple, but to master it and go far, you need a lot of time to practice your agility. With charming retro-pixel graphics and fun music, this exciting gameplay will definitely make you addicted. Have fun!


Arrow Left= Jump Left Arrow Right= Jump Right Touch Left Arrow= Jump Left Touch Right Arrow= Jump Right

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