Playground: Sandbox

Playground: Sandbox

Destroy the dagdoll to the limit in Playground: Sandbox. Let your creativity stretch to the limit with this quirky physics game. Use weapons and bombs that do the most damage with this dagdoll. Have fun!

How To Play

If you want to find an interesting and entertaining game, you can try Playground: Sandbox. In this game, you don't have any specific missions at all. To push your creativity to the limit, do everything you like. To start, choose a character. Then choose weapons that cause damage, such as swords, guns, grenades, bomb barrels, etc. Arrange their positions so that the dagdoll character suffers the most damage and destruction. The player can throw, smash, stab, or shoot it to destroy it. Feel the explosive, destructive sounds filled with adrenaline and excitement. Don't forget to unlock new characters and weapons that bring fresh experiences every day. Have fun!

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