Penguin Hop

Penguin Hop

Help the adorable penguin cross a busy road in Penguin Hop. He is anxious and worried, as he is not used to such busy roads. Instruct him to move across the street carefully and slowly. Safety is important. Have fun!

How To Play

The game, with colorful pixel graphics and witty music, provides an exciting gaming platform and keeps players engaged for hours. Your task in this game is to guide the penguin through crowded roads. They were moving at a rapid pace and emitting loud honks. Observe this two-way street carefully, determining the exact time for the bird to cross the road safely. Don't let any collisions happen, or he will have to start again. Besides that, remember to collect coins scattered along the way. Discover a variety of adorable animal characters, including the walrus, husky dog, and mammoth. The possibilities are endless.


  • Tap to move forward.
  • Swipe left or right to move horizontally.

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