Parkour Blockcraft

Parkour Blockcraft

Blockcraft Parkour lets you explore the world with colorful Minecraft blocks. A traditional Minecraft-style game where you explore a multi-dimensional world through multiple perspectives. Try to move and jump to get closer to the gate. Pay attention to every step; don't let it fall into space. Invite your friends to play and challenge them. Have fun!

How To Play

Are you ready for adventure in this Minecraft world? If you are a fan of the game Minecraft, you will certainly be familiar with the graphics and gameplay of this famous floating game. Your task in this game is very simple: move your perspective. Make jumps and move controls to reach the gate. Be careful at every step; don't take any risks that will make you fall into the air. If you accurately calculate your every jump, jump on the steps, and get close to the safety gate, you will win. The game tests your jumping skills and measures the accuracy of your moves. Hit records and share your scores with friends.


Mouse - Look around WASD - Space to move - Jump

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