Obby Flip

Obby Flip

Get ready for Obby Flip, a game where you pilot the ragdoll Obby and guide him through many levels to achieve the objective. This difficult 3D platformer lets you explore perilous parkour with no repercussions. Be sure to acquire as much money as you can so you can unlock amazing new characters.


How To Play

When you go to the bedroom, it's time to let go and make Obby's ragdoll body do all sorts of wild flips! Obby Flip takes place in your house, so brace yourself to leap and soar past obstacles without touching the floor! Acquire diamonds and cash, unveil fantastic characters, and complete all levels. Are you up to the challenge of completing this fantastic physics game?


Get in on the action with the arrow keys for zooming in and out, WASD for movement, a spacebar for jumping, and a tap to play.

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