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Noob vs pro 2 Jailbreak

Noob vs pro 2 Jailbreak

In Noob vs pro 2 Jailbreak, you play the role of a pro who must break the derpy Noob out of jail in a wacky 2D adventure game. And yes, Pro, you can also wear your diamond armor. Obtain better weapons, and then go in search of liberation and vengeance. Is there anything you can do to establish that you’re innocent and therefore free to go?


How To Play

Preparation for an exciting adventure in which you must flee for your life is in order. You'll be using a cart to get around in this physics-based game about breaking out of prison. However, you can't just drive the automobile over the platform and be done with it. The physics of your actions will become an integral part of this experience. Your four essential components are the engine, wheels, gasoline, and bow; thus, you should be collecting coins to improve them. You can make it through a lot of levels and kill a lot of foes if you improve everything and use it wisely while driving the cart. The time has come to test your limits.


Vibrant, retro-style graphics a plethora of levels, it's a breeze to get the hang of the controls. a genuinely entertaining game experience with unlockable extras

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