Noob Huggy Kissy

Noob Huggy Kissy

Assist our heroes in getting back home, Noob Huggy Kissiy! Huggy and Kissy require your assistance after becoming lost in a hazardous forest. It gets colder and snows more. In the wintry woodland, they must be on the lookout for adversaries. You risk losing if you don't take precautions around the bees and slime. Let's see if you can assist them in returning home!

How To Play

Now go to work and figure out how to get these two adorable blobs all the way home. You will encounter a variety of situations on ten distinct maps along the journey. There will be flying bees in the air and sharp blades on the ground, both of which can injure you. Always be aware of these risks and adjust your actions accordingly. See if you can help these adorable animals return home safely before the weather gets much colder!


10 gaming maps and multiple levels; intuitive controls; 2D vibrant visuals; and compatibility for two players.


  • Use the WASD and Arrow keys to move
  • Double jumping is possible

If you want to experience more challenges, try Garten of Banban Obby. Have fun!

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