Motocross Hero

Motocross Hero

Motocross Hero is an action-packed motorcycle racing game set in a vast desert. You should steer clear of any significant cracks or potholes you come across. Compete with other players and try to beat them at their own game by avoiding collisions and knocking them out of the race. You can knock out your competition by using the back wheel of your motorcycle.

How to play

In this thrilling game, you will ride a bike through the desert. The best way to earn a high score is to triumph in every race. Keep in mind that you only have three chances to advance. There are potholes and steep twists on the roadways. You need to watch out for collisions because losing even a few seconds could cost you the race. If you want to avoid going head over heels while riding over bumps, remember to utilize the left arrow key to balance your bike. Are you prepared to demonstrate your abilities in the desert?

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How To Play


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