Kogama: 4 Player Parkour is a super parkour game where four teams battle each other using cube weapons. Show off your parkour skills as you try to steal the opposing team's flag by infiltrating their territory. To get over obstacles, construct a bridge using the cube cannons. Enjoy!

How To Play

You'll be drafted onto a squad and thrust into the middle of a Capture the Flag competition. The objective is to "capture the flag," but you'll be just as engaged by the journey there. To demonstrate their parkurschika prowess, they have a variety of exciting routes ahead of them to choose from. Keep moving and stay out of harm's way. You can use speed and cool parkour moves to outmaneuver your competition. In order to scale vertical surfaces, you need access to a block gun; however, keep in mind that your supply is limited. Assuming you make it to the checkpoint, your progress will be permanently saved. 


Use Keyboard

  • For movement, use the WASD keys.
  • To make a jump, press the space bar.
  • In order to fire, press the K key.
  • Choose an action by pressing E.
  • To put away your gear, just press Q.

Use Mouse

  • Click and drag the mouse to get a new perspective.
  • Click left to fire.

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