Impossible Bike Racing 3D

Impossible Bike Racing 3D

Impossible Bike Stunt 3D is an action game with challenging and engaging stages. You are an adventurous rider who will sprint around twisting paths without getting off and walking the bike. To win, you'll need to pull off some impressive acrobatics and make some impressive jumps along the course of the race.

How to play

easy-to-understand gameplay. You’ll be expected to make it all the way from the beginning to the end. You'll have to pull off some impressive acrobatics and conquer some tricky hurdles along the way. You will be given a speed gauge to help you gauge your velocity. You'll have to start over and try again on occasion. On monster tracks, you'll need to coast through tight curves at a slow speed. Having a benchmark at each step of the process allows you to monitor your development.


Drive with WASD or Arrow keys; Shift for nitro; R for a restart.

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