Humans Playground

Humans Playground

Humans Playground is a creative outlet where you can bring a variety of chaotic events to life. You get to experiment with various things and tools to make fantastical and occasionally bizarre scenarios. Put the available tools to use by creating a scene and then watching it come to life. It provides a fantastic opportunity to unleash your creativity while having a blast by allowing you to test out various wild experiments and observe the results. Humans Playground is the perfect location for everyone who has ever wanted to experience the thrill of conducting crazy experiments with virtual ragdolls.

How To Play

You are free to explore at your leisure in this sandbox game. A wide variety of weapons, explosives, medical supplies, and even superpowers are at your disposal. They all have different things you can put on the map. Select the object you want to set down on the map by clicking on it twice. Something will appear. Toss and combine them, set off spectacular domino effects, or simply let your creativity run free as you tinker with the ragdolls and their environment. Put people, items, and weaponry all around the map. To pick up numerous objects you've placed on the map, press and hold the screen while dragging the mouse. Then, to set up interactions between the objects, use the menu. You can also experiment with different effects, like fires, explosions, and thunder! Embrace the experience!


  • Delightful two-dimensional images
  • Simple interface
  • Exciting game play
  • Lots of stuff to set
  • Various playable characters

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