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Grimace vs giant clown shoes

Grimace vs giant clown shoes

In Grimace vs. giant clown shoes, you must help him get out of the giant clown shoe. It's a journey into the unknown, full of surprises and unexpected obstacles. You need to gather the Grimaces-themed coins to smash the levels and the hamburgers to nudge the enormous shoe out of the way. Would you like to aid Grimace in his quest for victory?


How To Play

You must lead Grimace across a perilous landscape where the bizarre and the amusing coexist. Where are you trying to go? In order to break the platforms and ward off the oncoming shoe, you must gather rare coins featuring Grimace's face and hamburgers. Clown shoes of all sizes are out there, but the smaller ones will impede your progress if you encounter them. Get Grimace where he needs to go in this exciting journey by using the touch controls or the left and right arrow keys on your computer.


Touch or click on the left or right side of the screen. Cursors left and right on the keyboard

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