Getting Over Snow

Getting Over Snow

Getting Over Snow is a snowy mountain rescue mission where you must use your hammer to free confined animals. In Getting Over Snow, it's almost Christmas, and snow is falling on the mountain tops! Prepare to use an extending pickaxe to reach the peak, all the while dodging deadly traps and ferocious creatures. Get rich while helping wildlife by collecting gems and other riches!


How To Play

An imminently perilous mountain climbing expedition could happen at any moment. In gigantic pots or randomly placed red thorns, killer eagles wait for their prey to climb mountains. To begin, you can adjust the tool's length by clicking on your character. Complete innumerable missions and unlock up to five playable characters as you meticulously plan your every move, synchronize your vision and hands, and strive for the top. Play to your heart's content and shatter all records. Stay alert to prevent attacks by wild animals and other hazards. Maintaining your character's proximity to valuable items will allow them to earn money as they rise. You can use it to purchase these dazzling items from the game store. At the game store, which is displayed at the bottom before you start the game, you may also unlock and hammer skins!


  • Glamorous 3D visuals
  • Adorable animal creatures and entertaining skins
  • Game store and unlockable stuff
  • Raise the level of automatic response
  • Playable on handheld gadgets
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